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Code of Practice

Our Objective

We champion ethical practice and patient advocacy in the provision of best practice healthcare to patients travelling for medical treatment to another Country.

Our Role as Facilitators

Seated between the Patient and the Healthcare Service Provider both before and after the treatment, we, as facilitators, acknowledge our centrality to the Global Healthcare model and commit ourselves to offering our clients:

Freedom of Choice; help patients make informed, free and independent decisions relating to their healthcare.
Value for Money; overseeing the treatment processes and ensuring that the quality promised is the quality delivered.
Continuum of Care; ensuring that the patients are provided intimate care throughout the process from commencement of treatment to follow-up care upon returning to their country of origin.
Transparency; making our function transparent to illustrate our avowed ethical practice.
In so doing, we seek to establish the healthcare industry as a global resource for a global audience.
Our staff subscribes to Codes of Ethics and Practice that demonstrates our commitment to the attainment of best practice in the provisioning of remote healthcare.

Our Ethical Code

Uphold moral values and exercise judgement consistent with the established ethics of the medical profession. Our commercial interest must always remain subservient to the health and well being of the patient and to ethical practice in provisioning health and well being.

Our Code of Practice

Offer choices for treatment to Medical Travellers by shunning exclusivity.
Represent hospitals and clinics that demonstrate established standards in clinical governance through accreditations and certifications.
Reject financial incentives that limit the choice or extent of treatment available to the Medical Traveller.
Limit our representation of service providers to the extent of providing information, managing logistics and being the first point of contact for any post-op care events.
Ensure that patients make their decisions based on complete and accurate information and to the extent required by the patient.
Enable well informed decisions and not recommend any specific destination, hospital or surgeon.
Subscribe to data protection regulations and HIPAA guidelines to protect the privacy of the Medical Traveller by handling information through secure and reliable means that are demonstrable.
Ensure that any information we provide is accurate, clear, complete and consistent, and is recorded for future reference should the need arise.
Inform Medical Travellers of their rights and legal recourse before they accept the offer to travel outside their country of residence for treatment.
Champion patient advocacy through decision making, the course of treatment itself and in the post op care phase.
Implement and maintain Management and Information Systems that provide transparency, visibility and an audit trail of information that would be available to patients when seeking treatment at home.
Work with healthcare regulatory bodies, whenever called upon, in ensuring clinical governance standards are consistently and completely met for every patient at the point of treatment.
Demonstrate that we are in compliance with the Code of Practice at all times.
Seek guidance in our practice where we are in doubt about our compliance with the Code of Practice.
Report to the failure of any Service Providers to fulfil their obligations in the course of providing treatment to their patients and/or lead them to fall foul of the Code of Practice at any time in the process.

Our Complaints' Policy

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that we are fair in our dealings and professional in our services, in the unlikely event that you have any complaint you should first contact Euromedical Tours by calling 020 8911 8800 or by Email at

If you are not entirely satisfied with the manner in which your complaint has been dealt, you may ask our external complaints services to review your case without prejudice to your rights in law. These external services comprise third parties that do not have any interest in Euromedical Tours nor are in any way beholden to Euromedical Tours. They act in an independent capacity to exercise fair judgement and comprise:
- A medical review board comprising three surgeons registered with the GMC, resident of and licensed to practice in the United Kingdom.
- A non-medical review committee comprising a practising solicitor in the United Kingdom to review any aspects other than those that are treatment related.

Your complaint will be referred to the appropriate department for investigation and resolution. You may expect a judicious and expeditious review and disposal of your complaint, no later than 14 days of your complaint having been received.

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