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Dental Treatment

M Martin, London
I had 8 veneers fitted last week and would like to leave positive feedback for others to see how professional you were from airport to surgery & surgery to airport. I am one very happy customer. Thank you. I can open my mouth when I smile now!

R Evans, Pembrokeshire
I had a lovely time in Budapest,being more central this time I had a chance to see different places ,the hotel was lovely. As for my teeth ,so far they look and feel great i keep trying to pull them out to clean them ha ha! I can't stop smiling ,they are brilliant and I am very pleased with them.

G Patterson, London
Had an amazing trip, such a beautiful city (Budapest) and now I have beautiful teeth too!

Jackie and Steve, Kent
Thank you seems such small words to use when my new teeth look so lovely but THANK YOU to you and the team at Perfect Smile. Perfect is the right word
As you are now no doubt aware, I was a very fearful, nervous and worried patient. This mainly stems from having grey second teeth as a child and having crowns fitted at 16, only to have two replaced at 17, in the wrong colour, after a car accident. However, I now know fear, nervousness and worry should have not even have crossed my mind!
Steve had done his research but having gone through the process previously I was not looking forward to my ‘holiday’ and as Steve had already confirmed his seat in the chair, it was me who was having the assessment on arrival.
So on Saturday, 4th January 2014 we flew from Stanstead to Budapest and arrived in Budapest at around lunchtime. George was there as planned welcoming us to Hungary and we made our way to the hotel - Boscolo Hotel in Pest. We had rented one of their ‘apartments’ for the week which had a kitchen and lounge area as we wanted to be sure we had space and freedom to relax as necessary. Wow, what a place, they describe their ‘cafe’ as ‘the most beautiful café in the world’ and it is! 
On Sunday afternoon, we were in the dentist chair side by side! Dr Tamas introduced himself and announced ‘showtime’! My crowns were removed and a further three were recommended (and this was exactly right), the only reason I wanted to only replace the existing crowns was to get the process over as quickly as possible but my teeth would not have looked complete! Steve also had other recommendations and some non recommendations!  i.e.. his dentist said he would need his wisdom teeth removed which was not required! With temporary crowns in place we were finished and went out to dinner!
Monday, we were back in the surgery. Steve had his lower set of teeth filed and temporary crowns fitted and I had some fillings to replaced the old amalgam ones. On completion we went back to the hotel, sightseeing and then to dinner!
Tuesday was ‘dentist free’ and then we were back in the chair on Wednesday. Oh no, it’s implant day! I was nearly running for the door. Steve went first as promised and then it was then my turn. With nerves jangling I was in the chair. Dr Tamas put me at ease and confirmed ‘Madam - it is 12.43 but it is not a race’. He then proceeded to drill the implant into my upper jaw and tighten it with which can only be described as a ratchet spanner! On completion, he announced, ‘Madam, it is 12.47, we have finished’ . The only shock was the speed of completion and the lack of pain!
Wednesday evening was spent in the apartment as we required a little rest but still managed to have hot chicken and veg - no soup for us!
Thursday was more fillings for both Steve and I and then a visit to the Technical Centre to ensure the right colour match. I was so nervous as I was so concerned that I would end up with grey teeth but the professionals knew! We then went out for dinner!
Friday was fitting day. Steve had his fitted first. They looked great. I was concerned as I thought they may look false. Again I should not have worried, colour, size and shape all looked completely natural. Now it was my turn. Mine had a slight fitting issue but within 3 hours I had a new set in front of me ready to be fully fitted. WOW is all that I can say. They are absolutely lovely, colour, size, shape all looked completely natural.
Thank you, I love my new teeth. All perfect and I can honestly say I did not take one painkiller the whole week! I will recommend you to anyone.Many thanks to you all, the co-ordination, the transport, the kindness, the care and your English!

Mrs Paola Blake
I am very happy with my Crown and I thought the dentist was excellent. 

Mr C Keavey, Norfolk
I assure you I am very happy with the treatment and would recommend you to anyone needing implants.

Mr M Rose, Southampton
I am very pleased with the result thanks and, even more importantly, so is my wife!

Mr John Duffy, London
I started dental treatment in July 2011 which consisted of the removal of 5 teeth and then the fixing of implants and the final placing of crowns, the treatment took place in both Budapest and London and I can say without doubt the work was performed in a truly impressive manner, during the treatment all aspects ( consultation - treatment - aftercare ) were carried out showing great consideration for the patient (me) and the overall level of professionalism was exceptional.

On a personal level I found dealing with Dr Balsai and his team very easy, as a dentist he explained the procedures and fully inform me of any discomfort I would have which was minimal. Dr Balsai's open and honest style made the whole experience in the dentist chair quite relaxing and the outcome was first rate.

I am happy to speak to anyone considering treatment with Dr Balsai and his team.

Alan B - London
I had twenty six teeth replaced in Budapest with a combination of implants, crowns and bridges I am completely happy with the treatment.

Mr Alec Gandy, Worcester
Having had problems with my teeth for many years I finally made the decision to get them all sorted once and for all. First stop was my dentist where it was explained I would need around 22 new crowns / bridges. When I received the quote for this I realised it I could put a deposit down on a house for that much!! I then started to look online regarding getting my treatment done abroad.. At this point I never actually thought I would go through with it. I instantly noticed Euromedical Tours and decided to check them out. Zahid was brilliant at organising everything to do with my treatment. Starting with my intitial assessment:

THE ASSESSMENT - I visited London to receive my assessment and quote free of charge (with no obligation to take it any further). Straight away I could see that Zahid was extremely helpful and genuinly wanted to help. When I received my quote it was considerably lower than anything I had seen already. I honestly thought I would leave the clinic still unsure as to whether I would ever go through with treatment outside of the UK. But as soon as I did leave I had already made up my mind that I was going to do it. The visit to London basically answered any question or worry I had and reassured me that this was a genuine company with a genuine desire to help its patients/clients.

THE TRIP TO BUDAPEST - I decided to travel to Budapest for my treatment and booked all the flights for around 4 months after my consultation. Zahid arranged all the transfers and even my accomadation. I was obviously a little nervous about 1) being in a foreign country on my own for a week in potential pain and 2) The thought of the treatment ahead. I couldn't have been happier with the week! The dentists and dental staff were 5 star - Better than anything I have seen in England. The treatment was surprisingly pain free and I didn't even use one of the suitcase load of painkillers I took with me! (They even provided their own painkillers as well - just in case).

Accomadation - 10/10
Transfers & Guide - 10/10
Dental Treatment - 10/10 The City - 10/10
The Beer - 10/10
and nearly 5 months on my thoughts on the company and the experience - 10/10!!

I wanted to leave this review for several months so I could get used to my teeth and get a feel for the work that had been done. They feel great and for once I can eat properly without avoiding large gaps! Another plus point was, due to having several teeth out, they only temporarily fitted one of my bridges in place while my gum healed. I am due to go to London to have this completed this month / next month and all INCLUDED in my initial quote - BRILLIANT!

I hope this review goes some way to persuading somebody else that Euromedical Tours are an excellent company who will definitely help you with any work you might need. All I will say is - Go for the initital free consultation and you won't look back!

Mr Nigel Sharkie, London
Just back from the final stage of treatment in Budapest, all went very well and the end result looks good.
I am now and in the future more than happy to continue sending people to you as it is a life changing experience at an affordable price. Robert will be contacting you on Wed to book to go to Budapest after talking with me on Sunday to clarify a few points. I have spoke to his father-in law and he also seriously considering treatment with you as well.
May I take this opportunity to once again to thank you and all those concerned with my treatment it really has improved my quality of life and restored my faith in honest Dentistry.

Mr. David Turner, Suffolk
Having broken one of my few teeth that could be readily seen I decided that with more voids than teeth I had to act! Accordingly a visit to my dentist provided very limited options without taking out a second mortgage! I then carried out a lot of research and opted for Euromedical Tours run by Zahid Hamid - who turned out to be a super chap. One particular benefit is the ability to be seen in London on an every other week basis - with the whole 'Budapest Team' flying-in. In my case having had an initial free examination/x-ray etc in London I opted to spend 5 days in Budapest and have the whole of my teeth 'sorted' once and for all. During my stay the team - led by Dr Balsai Tamas - easily managed to: 1. Prepare and fit 3 briges (5/4/3) 2. Repair a broken tooth 3. Remove all the old amalgam and fill with white composite 4. Thoroughly clean those teeth I already owned 5. Whiten the teeth At no time was I left in any pain, much care was attached to detail (eg tooth colour), I had plenty of time to explore the beautiful areas of both Buda and Pest, stayed in a very pleasant hotel - and returned home with effectively 12 'new' teeth! I shudder to think what the cost of all that work would be in the UK. Here it seems substancial time, money and effort is seemingly spent with receptionists fixing appointments etc for an inspection in a few weeks time - compared to the approach in Budapest where the ethos appears to be 'if there is a Doctor and a chair free, then resolve the problem immediately.' I am an engineer and tend to look into issues very carefully - in the case of both the care and treatment I received I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Tamas and his team at Perfect Smile in Budapest/London. My grateful thanks to Zahid and all involved.

Mrs Lynne M, London
I had a complete restoration of my dental function and am very happy with the work undertaken and, believe me, I have visited a lot of dentists in the past!

Mr Fred Delahunty, Hants
We contacted Euromedical Tours in Shepherd's Bush, London and both, my wife and I, had extensive dental treatment carried out at a fraction of the cost of Private Dentists. The standard of work carried out by Dr Tamas Balsai and his team was first class and I cannot thank him and his staff enough for the high standard of treatment we have both received.

We have recommended a number of our friends to attend his experienced dental team in London, with at least 3 of our friends going to Budapest for treatment.. All of our friends have been delighted with the standard of service and of course the lower costs.

Mrs. Wilma Boyd, Spain
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Dental treatment and how lovely my NEW teeth are, it makes such a difference. I will be in touch re my final visit to Budapest. I have already mentioned to quite a few friends, how imressed and delighted I am with the results.

Mrs. Gillaine Ram, West Midlands
"Danny's teeth look lovely as well, I've never seen him smile so much"
- a proud mum's testimony to her son's treatment in Budapest!

Mrs. C O’Connor, Surrey
Our needs were for complex dental treatments and full medicals. Our decision to go outside the UK for this treatment was triggered by the high costs quoted for this work in the UK. Our first contact with Euromedical Tours instilled our confidence in the organisation. Their aim was to gain a clear understanding and there were never feelings of urgency or a need to rush into a decision.
As the dental treatments were not straight forward, one option offered to us was to have a full dental examination in the UK. Although we knew this examination would be an additional cost we decided to go ahead. This turned out to be the turning point for our decision to go ahead with the treatment abroad. The UK dentist recommended to us was excellent; interested in the person as well as the teeth and made recommendations for the way forward and provide the right brief to the Bombay dentist. We were immediately provided with quotations for treatments for two separate locations and our decision to choose India as our destination was made in order to incorporate the whole experience with a holiday.
A detailed itinerary for dental and medical appointments in India was provided and confirmed in good time for us to arrange hotels and internal travel. Contact with Doctor Desai (The Dental Specialist in Mumbai) was made immediately on arrival. We were fully expected and warmly greeted. We were immediately put us at ease. His time was our time and his approach and manner built a trust for an easy way forward. The service was nothing but excellent.
The medicals we received at the Saifee hospital were very thorough and carried out in an entirely professional manner with a willing, graceful and high standard of service. Again this was very good value and at a fraction of the cost here in the UK.
Throughout the entire process we felt we had the support of Euromedical Tours and should anything concern us we had this contact. I am delighted with the results. If necessary, I would do it all again!”

Ms. Elli, Dundee
I went to pakistan last June for 20 porcelain crowns, the treatment i received was above fantastic as the team i got went over and above there duty (sometimes finishing at midnight) to make sure my crowns were fitted and finished before i went home. Great result and now smile confidently.

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