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Mrs C G, Lancashire

Professionally dealt with from start to finish. Zahid was more than helpfull, he constantly kept in touch all from booking flights to arranging everything in Istanbul. Dr Umit Boratac was kindness itself, nothing was too much trouble for him. I never once felt alone in a foreign country, the whole process was all made so easy. Follow up appointmemts in london every 2 months are an added bonus. I can't say enough kind things about all involved, and value for money is second to none

Miss Leah C, London

Back for the last few days and nose looking great!

Mr. Sam F, W Yorks

The trip went very well and pleased with the results; straightened a crooked nose, which is great! Appreciate all your help, Budapest was a good experience and George an excellent host.

Ms. D Jeffery, Tyne & Wear

I want to thank you again for all of the help and support you've given me from start to finish concerning my treatment package, your customer service has been second to none!All in all I am delighted with Euromedical Tours and the service that you offer. I would certainly recommend it to friends or family.

I am already happy with the results of my treatment, even though it is early days and things are still settling down. Finally, please pass on my thanks to Andrea, Anita and my surgeon, each of whom ensured our time in Hungary was as comfortable as possible.

Ms. Emma Di Gennaro, Bedford

"A sincere note of thanks to Dr Anil Tibrewala & team for my successful Blepharoplasty surgery. After having made several enquiries regarding the procedure, I finally decided to fly out to India for the operation.

My hospital room over looked the Arabian palm fringed sea, which was most pleasurable & enjoyable.I met Dr Tibrewala, on the morning of my operation & he was absolutely great in terms of putting me at ease & answering all my questions. Furthermore he confirmed that he would be using the latest methods & would be performing the procedure from within my eyes therefore no scaring would be apparent & less healing time required. This was real music to my ears as no other Dr. had even mentioned this option to me before!

My procedure took next to no time to complete & Dr Tibrewala was there with me when I came round from the anaesthetic. I can honestly say I was in no pain what so ever & my bruising cleared in days. The care I have received right from the initial consultation, the actual operation through to my follow up appointment has been fabulous & overwhelming.I would not hesitate for one moment to use Dr Anil Tibrewala again.


Ms. Y Aslam, West Midlands

"I went to Mumbai for my surgery. The treatment i was recieved was better than i expected..the thought of going to India for surgery was very frightening but i have to say i was surprised at how well i was treated.
Zahid was amazing, kept in touch by phone thought the stay making sure there were no problems which was very reasuring knowing that i had somebody at hand if things went wrong....luckily everything went to plan and i look fantastic.
Dr Tibrewala is truely a talented surgeon using all the latest methods ( which i have never heard of in England) leaving no scars at all...amazing!
I would recommend Euromedical tours to all my friends and family with confidence.
The only down side to my trip was the lack of time i had to enjoy the area. Mumbai was fanastic and i thank Zahid for recommending it, I dont think i would ever had the chance to visit such a beautiful place otherwise, and YES i will definitely go again"

Ms. Hilary Spencer, London

Thank you so much to Euromedical Tours for doing my face. It might have taken a trip to Lahore and another trip down Shepherds Bush High Street London, but we got there. I am pleased, and hope it will set off the curse of ageing, for another few years atleast. I cant thank you both enough, for the professionalism, experience, and even a few hearty human laughs on the way, to have made it worth my while. Much better than the cold and clinic Harley Street, with its superficial no nonsense approach, and also they dont care who you are over there, as long as you have a million pounds and are just cosmetic fodder. You folks care about the patient as well, and that truly came through many a time.

Miss Leanne Golightly, Scunthorpe

I originally started looking into my rhinoplasty December 08, which was a bit in advance as earliest I could have my surgery was April due to holidays at work.
I found Zahid very pleasant to deal with, very relaxed and totally without any pressure, but still very organised. He gave me quotes for a number of different hospitals and surgeons, and in the end I decided to go with Dr Tibrewala, as I got some really good results when I googled him, and the surgery to take place at Goa Apollo Victor hospital, because lets face it, it's Goa!
I had my consultation, and both Dr Tibrewala and Zahid were very reassuring in person and I felt completely at ease, so I went ahead and booked.
Zahid knew of another lady travelling for surgery at the same time on her own (I was travelling with my friend) so he arranged for us to meet up at Heathrow.
Jet Airways flights were amazing - the best airline I've ever flown with, very well organised. Transfer to the hospital was a bit of a culture shock, bit of an interesting vehicle for your first experience of Indian road traffic! But nevertheless, after 10 hours a transfer is a transfer.
Hospital was amazingly clean - spotlessly so, cleaner than any NHS hospital I've been in, nurses were very friendly. Billing was a little interesting as they didn't seem to get it right first time, and then after my surgery they realised it still wasn't correct - which can be a little worrying but once I got home and worked it back I did pay what I expected in the end.
Main problems were the arrangements for food for my companion - canteen didn't seem keen to serve anything other than bottled water, and there was a real language barrier when ordering room service. In the end it turned out that my friend could request to be on the same menu as me, we just wish we'd known that earlier. Don't go expecting English cuisine - you're in India. I was fine with the food - plenty of it and well cooked, so very happy - but my friend as a more fussy person really struggled to eat.
You do have to keep your wits about you, sometimes with the language barrier things aren't explained fully, so you've got to do your best to ask questions and if you do need help you've got to be a little bold and do your best to ask, otherwise things will get a bit confused. But on the whole, no problems.
Surgery was amazing, woke up feeling tired but no more pain than sore nostrils as if I'd been wiping my nose too much. Hardly any bruising. The plaster in the heat did do my head in, with the sweating and the icky feeling that I was unable to wash my nose for a week. But very well carried out - can see why Dr Tibrewala was world renowned. Dr Patel who did the aftercare was also excellent and very personable.
Transfer to Jasminn Inn was much better than the transfer to the hospital - nice airconditioned van. The hotel is beautiful. Its in a village off the beaten track, but the hotel is second to none. If thats a basic hotel I'd like to know what isn't a basic hotel as I was very impressed. The Green Bamboo restaurant is excellent - staff very friendly and chatty. Rooms excellent, grounds excellent although pool could do with a bit more seating, maybe an outdoor section of the restaurant?
And I got to do the bulk of my recuperation on the beach - what can I say - there's no better place to do it. Would definitely go again if I ever wanted something else doing - amazing experience.
And I am VERY happy with my results.

Miss MPDA, St. Andrews

To combine a memorable experience along with affordable, first class treatment seems like a fantasy, but Lahore is an exciting, vibrant City, the affordable excellence of the Sunfort Hotel and particularly Doctors Moazzam and Maryam Tarar make the fantasy a reality, and almost as an incidental the results of the Treatment are FIRST CLASS.

Ms. Lynne Shields and Miss Tania Shields, Somerset

Hi Zahid, Just wanted to write and say I am really pleased with the surgery results. Please thank Dr Tibrewala - he's brilliant!

Miss Ruby T, London

I chose to have a lower face lift and chin implant treatment by Dr Tarar because i felt the most comfortable with his advice and he managed to alleviate all my worries. What also made it a better decision was that I was not in any way pressured or contacted after my consultation allowing me to make my decision comfortably in my own time. The day of treatment in Lahore went well and the staff were friendly and looked after me well. The Sunfort hotel was also of good quality, as was there food. No complaints other than the very hot weather which no one can really do anything about!

Miss Erin-Mya Green, London

I choose to have cosmetic surgery overseas because the cost is far cheaper than here in the UK. On my income it would have taken years to have saved up to have it done in my own country. Also I had been to India 3 times before and have experience of the country and culture and medical services and felt confident with treatment abroad.
After visiting the office and meeting the doctor from India here in London I felt Euromedical Tours were a good choice.
Euromedical Tours were very good at arranging everything for me and made me feel secure in all transactions etc. I arranged flights and accommodation myself as I spent a total of 4 months traveling in India after my surgery, but the hospital consultations were organized for me. I was very much taken care of by the nurses at the hospital who made my recovery stay comfortable for me. After the treatment, I was initially very shocked and found it hard to believe it was me I was seeing! It has now been 5 months and the results are absolutely perfect.

Miss Kathleen O'Sullivan, Ireland

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for everything that you did for me before, during and while I was away. It was much appreciated!! On the flight on the way over I was in the cockpit and on the way back I was moved to first class :) lucky girl! I hope you have had a relaxing few days without me constantly torturing you with e-mails! Things worked out even better than I expected Once again, thank you for everything and you will be hearing from me very soon because I intend to go back for laser eye surgery and the kite festival!

Ms. Ann Berrie and Mrs Claire McKinnon, Peterborough

I felt I did not look as good as I wanted so when my daughter decided she wanted to have a tummy tuck, I did a little investigation and found Euromedical Tours at a Beauty Exhibition. I discussed my daughter’s treatment and concerns over my own facelift and was made to feel at ease and a lot more comfortable about the operation. I was given a written quotation straightaway and one for my daughter too.
After making reference calls to other people who had been to Pakistan for treatment. I took my daughter to meet Dr. Tarar when he next came to England for consultations, which is usually every 6-8 weeks. We even meet previous patients of Dr Tarar at the consultation and seeing their results, we knew that this was the right thing to do.
The trip was arranged efficiently, the hospital was very good and Dr Tarar was exceptional. I had a face and neck lift under conscious sedation (local anaesthetic) rather than general anaesthesic, which was my biggest fear.
The Sunfort Hotel was excellent, with staff over there being used to patients from the UK staying over and were all so helpful and on hand for anything at all. I think it is classed at 3 Star but is definitely at par with a 4 Star in England.
Dr Tarar and his wife Maryam are wonderful people. He is so talented and the results of my facelift far exceeded my expectation. I look fabulous and it is an experience I would definitely recommend.

Ms. Eleanor Logie, Dundee

I chose to go abroad for my surgery because it would save me money and I would be better looked after in a hospital.
My consultation in the UK gave me confidence and a good expectation of the surgery and results. My treatment, flights, visa and hotel booking were all handled very efficiently by Euromedical Tours. The arrangements in Lahore were also handled very well. I found the hospital clean, the nursing staff excellent and I was looked after very well.
Although Lahore can be hot in July, the people were very caring, friendly and always willing to help.
I found the surgeon to be excellent and my results could not have been better. I would recommend Euromedical to everyone; Everything is done for you and the care and attention is excellent.

Ms. CR, Hampshire

I chose to have cosmetic surgery overseas mainly for financial reasons. I could not have had anything like the amount of surgery I wanted carried out in the U.K. It also provided the opportunity to visit an exotic part of the world.
Euromedical Tours came up with India and Pakistan as locations. Many surgeons in Britain come from these countries. I felt a sense of security, as a result.
The whole process was very simple; I was given a list of what would happen when at my consultation in London. I was in constant contact with Zahid who replied to my queries, no matter how small, very promptly.
For my Consultation in London, the doctors and organizers waited for me as they knew I was travelling by train after work. The consultation was very relaxed and the surgeon was honest about what was possible and what was not. He offered advice about a procedure on my nose which I had never considered before. I am really pleased that I had this particular procedure carried out. There was no pressure on me at all and the emphasis was very much on what I had in mind as the end result.
The Consultant Surgeon and his wife, also a doctor, treated me with the greatest respect and care. I felt like I was the only client!! They are very good at keeping you relaxed no matter how busy they are. They are people you can never forget. Very professional, interesting and lively hosts!
I am delighted with my new appearance which sounds a bit vain!!I also had some dental crowns fitted which are a bit uncomfortable but this is being dealt with here in the UK.
The hospital was very clean and the nurses always came promptly when I needed them. I was offered any food I liked. The room was large and had comfortable chairs and a television. The nurses were all very young and sweet-natured. Their English was good enough for us to have a joke. One nurse was patient enough to walk round and round the room with me because general anaesthetic always makes me restless the following day!
There was always a lift in the surgeon’s or dental consultant’s private car to and from the medical centre or hospital. The hotel arranged taxis for me to go shopping and the taxis to and from the airport were pre-arranged. The hotel was very grand and I was treated a bit like a celebrity. I was told I looked good even when my face was swollen like a hamster’s!!!
It was very hard to imagine how everything would be prior to the visit. I was apprehensive the day before. I was introduced to other clients and put at ease as soon as I arrived. I have some excellent memories of the whole adventure. I would say the holiday and the treatment and the final results have surpassed my expectations.
Euromedical Tours are very professional and they take your surgery as being as individual as you are. The results are great and it is all at an incredible price. You are not forgotten or just expected to “get on with it” even after you have arrived home. I have had surgery in South Africa. I was pleased with the results but once it was all over, they did not reply to any of my e-mails when I was enquiring about further surgery. Also during the whole business, it was very hard to get answers to questions. I had the feeling that I was just one client amongst many. I felt more relaxed and cared for in Pakistan and the people have impeccable manners.
Yes, I would certainly recommend Euromedical Tours to anyone considering surgery.

Ms. Alison Wills, Shropshire

In March 2006 I had a facelift at a leading private hospital near Aldridge, done by a very experienced surgeon who had been there many years. Therefore, I thought, the outcome would be excellent. As it transpired, this was far from the case.
A few months later I looked as though I had never had a facelift at all and my money had been totally wasted. This was also after having suffered massive swelling and a horrendous wound infection, contracted at the hospital, which constantly exuded puss for weeks, to the extent that it was running down my cheeks, and smelt terrible.

My complaint to the hospital was futile; I was told the outcome was satisfactory as far as they were concerned; the attitude of the surgeon was arrogant in the extreme and he even spoke to me sharply and condescendingly in the presence of the Matron. He tried to infer I was mentally unstable and needed looking after. Needless to say I was desperate to remedy this situation as I was getting absolutely nowhere with the hospital. The second opinion they offered me was useless. The surgeon I saw had nothing to suggest but further surgery to address the problem of my saggy neck which would leave me with a disfiguring scar, at an extra cost to myself of £2,500. I consulted half-a-dozen other surgeons, who were either reluctant to re-do another surgeon’s work, or said I needed to wait until from 18 months to seven years after the first operation, or that they were limited as to what they could do. One surgeon said he could not address the neck problem as it might change the shape of my chin, another said he could not go behind my ears because the previous surgery had resulted in some skin death, none of them was prepared to perform an upper eyelid lift as they said there was insufficient skin. Becoming more and more determined in spite of all these setbacks I finally, by accident, (I can’t even remember how I found the site, now!) came upon Euromedical Tours whilst surfing the web and arranged an appointment in London with Dr Tarar. As soon as I was sat down before him and he looked into my face (the first surgeon to do this without a desk in-between) my spirits lifted. He was also the first surgeon to say outright that my first lift was, basically, useless. Above all, after nothing but negativity, his positive attitude filled me with confidence. He said he could address the neck problem by performing a platysmaplasty, that he could lift the cheeks diagonally, whereas previously the skin had only been pulled in a horizontal direction, and this with the minimum of skin excision, undermining and resultant swelling, and also said there was certainly sufficient skin to carry out an upper eyelid lift. Not only did he say he could do all this, and, what’s more, straight away, but he also suggested other things such as autologous fat transfer to fill in my hollow sunken cheeks left by the earlier operation and lifting of the outer corners of my eyes which had been pulled down by the previous surgeon. The cherry on the cake was his suggestion that he could give me a fuller upper lip using my own skin harvested from my facelift, to take out the vertical lines which were beginning to appear, and, as he said “give me somewhere to apply my lipstick”!
At last, with my spirits at their highest level for 12 months, the only aspect that concerned me was the fact I would have to travel to Pakistan. However, I needn’t have worried one jot. After my consultation I saw Zahid who told me he would make all the arrangements; my visa, my air tickets, my hotel accommodation- everything in fact. That done I went home and sorted out the dates on which I could travel and allow sufficient recovery time on my return. I must admit I was apprehensive about making such a long journey to an exotic location without knowing what to expect; again my worries proved groundless. I had a wonderful, comfortable flight sitting next to some really friendly people who were travelling to a wedding and they even invited me! However I explained I would not be able to attend but they gave me a telephone number just in case I could make it….!
On my arrival in Lahore I was met by an extremely smart and friendly young man who escorted me to the vehicle waiting to take me to the hotel. I was astonished at the sights I saw from the window, finding it hard to believe I was actually in Pakistan, it seemed like a fantasy. As we passed by other travellers in the traffic everyone smiled at me and I felt most welcome and relaxed about everything. On arriving at the Hotel Sunfort I was impressed by how pleasant and comfortable it was and all the staff were extremely efficient, smart and friendly. I was shown to a beautiful room with a huge bed and all possible conveniences. During my stay I ordered many meals from room service and they were all delicious and beautifully presented.
When the time came for my surgery, again I was apprehensive, thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong, but once more I was mistaken to be overcome by nerves. Everything went smoothly and in no time at all I was back in my room, constantly attended by pleasant, smart and efficient nurses.
A few days after my return to the hotel I felt unwell with palpitations. On contacting reception the Hotel Manager quickly attended and arranged for me to be taken to intensive care at the hospital. A previously undiagnosed heart condition, unconnected with my surgery, was discovered and I was kept in overnight until stable. I was prescribed medication and given further tests at the Heart Test Centre, carried out by the top heart specialist in Lahore, who had travelled in especially to see me. The care I received there was superior to anything I have encountered in this country.
When sufficiently recovered I was taken out, with another patient, by Dr Tarar and his lovely wife, Dr Maryam. We went out to a beautiful restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious traditional meal on a gorgeous evening, under the stars. I was also taken shopping by Dr Maryam, who helped me to choose items of clothing, shoes and jewellery as mementoes of my visit and also escorted to the shops on another occasion by a young lady whose name, unfortunately, escapes me, but it was a wonderful experience and great fun. Finally, on the evening prior to my return, I was again taken for a meal at a restaurant with an unforgettable view of the Badshahi Mosque.
I had, earlier, happened to mention that I would be celebrating my birthday whilst there, and imagine my surprise when I was presented with a birthday cake, an exquisite necklace from Dr Maryam and a bunch of red roses from our driver. I was quite overwhelmed and think it was the nicest birthday I have ever had.
My flight home was just as smooth as the outward bound one and as the days went by after my return I could see my new facelift was a tremendous improvement on the first one. On removing the bandage I was thrilled to see I looked a good 20 years younger, in spite of the fact that my lip was still very swollen from the implant. This has taken the longest time to resolve and, I must admit, I was worried that the result would look to big. However, once more my fears proved groundless as it now looks wonderful and certainly contributes greatly to my more youthful appearance. I am so glad Dr Tarar suggested it as I would never have thought of it myself.
I have no hesitation in recommending Euromedical Tours and Dr Tarar to anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery, also Pakistan and its people have left and indelible impression of beauty and friendliness which I shall never forget.

Miss Victoria Taylor, London

I am very pleased to offer this testimonial with regard to surgery in Lahore. The service in the UK was excellent and reassuring, as was my time in Pakistan. Besides the considerable care taken with my operation and very good aftercare, the surgeon and his family were extremely kind. We were provided with a car and driver and were able to do a little shopping and sightseeing. On the final evening had a great time at social dinner with the lovely surgeon and I would highly recommend the whole experience if you are contemplating surgery.

Ms. Helen Shiner, Bournemouth

Having just returned from having extensive cosmetic surgery, the results go far beyond my expectations. Needless to say, I am extremely happy and grateful for all Dr. Tarar has done for me as a patient and equally for the effort made towards my reassurance and comfort for the duration of my stay. The care and support I received was to an exceptionally high standard and my surgery /treatment and after care was tailored more than well to meet my needs. Having committed myself to travel alone for surgery, I can now reflect and see that I have returned home with a sparkle in my step having achieved what meant so much to me surgically, and additionally gaining the experience of a different culture, meeting so many nice people and importantly, having the privilege to have gained a friend in both Zahid, who works so hard in the preparation of the trip, and of course Dr. Tarar, who is an exceptionally skilled professional and such a wonderful person to have the pleasure of being with. I cannot thank you both enough for all that you have done for me over these last weeks. This journey has had such a profound effect on me towards a positive new way forward. Thank you so much and best wishes!

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