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Male Cosmetic Surgery

Mr. Samuel Forbes, West Yorks
"Having compared the costs between private surgery in the UK (£5.5k) and private surgery abroad (£1.2k), I opted for the latter. Flights to Mumbai were £316 with expedia, so even added together proved vastly cost effective.

My experience was fantastic. I was slightly overwhelmed arriving at Mumbai at Midnight as it was my first visit to India. However, both my fiance and I were picked up by a driver and taken to Saifee Hospital.

Overall experience was fantastic. Staff were very attentive. Room was spacious and clean. And Dr Tibrewala, the consultant whose care I was under, kept in regular personal contact. I also had regular phonecalls from Euromedical Tours in London to ensure everything was fine.

One bit of advice with Saifee Hospital, ask for a room that does not face the main road. Although the front view is beautiful, it is a city that never sleeps, and it's outside your window! so gets very noisey at 3-4am in the morning. The views were fantastic though, but not a trade off after an operation I would do.

I have recovered from my rhinoplasty operation fully. It went as well as I could have expected. No complications. No infections. Hospital was as sophisticated as any private hospital I have seen in the UK.

We got discharged into a local hotel after about 4 days. Again, fantastic experience. Few tips: when tipping door people, aim for around 20 rupees. Taxi fares around Mumbai central shouldn't cost you any more than about 50-100 rupees absolute maximum - obtain a rate card. I say this, because 1. the cost of taxi fares for the same journey ranged 50 to 500 rupees (the latter we challenged) and 2. we were well enough to do some sightseeing, and in fact, after four days in hospital, you will want to get out and about.

When in hospital, take some entertainment - something to read etc. There are a few english speaking channels, but you will want something else to do.

Depending on how much you want to spend, The Taj Mahal at the Gate of India is a fabulous Hotel. It is more expensive, but they are doing some good discounts at the moment (7000 rupees per night) so worth it.

I would definately do this again and recommend to friends and family."

Mr. Anwar K, Bedfordshire
Hi there, I was a bit apprehensive on going abroad for cosmetic surgery its now nearly 3 months since I have had rhinoplasty and chin augmentation done. I wish I had done it earlier.
I went to London to see Dr Tarar and Zahid for my initial consultation both were very professional in there relevant roles. This gave me the assurance that I needed to carry on with my surgery.
I decided to have my operation in Lahore, Pakistan being a Pakistani this was a easy choice as I already knew the language and customs there so can get by on my own. Everyone spoke a good level of English from start to finish so language should be a problem for others.
Arrived in Lahore was picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel which was very impressive it had internet connections so I kept in touch with family and friends.
I met Dr Tarar again for a pre op check then the next day it was operation time and recovery at the AMC medical Hospital.
I was lucky to have some family come and visit me there in Lahore.
the quality of care from all the medical staff was great Dr Tarar's team were great.
I knew I was in great hands with a very experienced surgeon.
I was lucky enough to meet Zahid in Pakistan too a couple of times who kept an eye on me to make sure I was feeling fine, which I thought was a great personal touch.
I had my bandages finally removed the day before arriving back in the UK my only regret was not having enough time to explore the wonderful city of Lahore without my bandages on, LOL.
I wish I had done this operation much earlier in my life now I am much happier in my appearance which is giving me more self-esteem.
Thank you Zahid and special thanks to Dr Tarar for you expert medical skills which changed me into a more confident and happier person.
I highly recommend you to anyone considering cosmetic surgery abroad you are in good hands."

Mr. Sajid K, Manchester
It has been two weeks since my visit to Lahore to have facial cosmetic surgery.
Now that the swelling has disappeared and the stitches dissolved I feel I am in a position to rate the overall service.
The UK side of things was handled very professionally by Zahid. Quotes and queries were sent to me quickly.
At the consultation in Preston, Dr Tarar explained exactly what was involved and what the likely outcome would be.
Having decided to go ahead with Euromedical I was impressed with the completeness of the package. Collection to and from the airport/hotel/medical facility.
The level of care at the facility exceeded all my expectations. My wife (who had accompanied me) and I were made to feel incredibly comfortable.
The 7 day visit I had was rounded off with a stay at a local hotel which had been booked for me.
We were assisted by Zahid with everything from local currency exchange, my wife’s shopping and cargo requirements, which restaurants to dine at and ordering milkshakes from McDonalds in the middle of the night!
Whilst I had swelling to the face I feel I had more of a holiday than a medical visit.
My only regret is staying only 7 days as I feel I would have enjoyed the stay more given more time.
I have no hesitation in recommending Euromedical.
I am extremely glad I opted to have the surgery; I could not be more pleased with the results!

Mr. Gregory Lansdown, Hertfordshire
I came across Euro Medical Tours whilst looking for Surgery overseas and wanting to choose a country known for the general excellence of its' Medical Profession. As Britain recruits so many doctors from India and Pakistan, these were an obvious place to look. I asked several medical companies and hospitals to send me information. Euromedical Tours went one better and contacted me to invite me to an Exhibition at Earls Court in London where I met one of the Surgeons - a Professor and Head of Plastic Surgery both at the University and Hospital in Lahore.
We had a very practical meeting and examination. I also saw a number of other Medical companies at the same exhibition. Ultimately, I chose the surgeon and have been very pleased with the results. I also needed some major dental work and this was arranged with the same care and attention. Going to Lahore in Pakistan at Christmas time may seem unusual, but was the only time available to me. I was treated very well, professionally and had a nurse on standby 24 hours in my room until I could move myself - you would not get that in Britain.
Lahore is an impressive, largely modern city. I enjoyed my stay and my surgeon kindly invited me to Lunch with his family on Christmas Day.
Overall my only regrets are that I did not take enough books to read or get the surgery done sooner. I am very happy to recommend Euromedical Tours to all.

Mr. Leon Cuckierman, Australia
I am happy with the results of the procedure and the hospital stay. The hospital in Mumbai is very high class and the demeanour of the hospital staff; doctors, nurses, orderlies, cleaners, and the kitchen – Oh, that was almost like in Buffet Maharaja in Montreal!, exceeded my expectations.
The hotel (suggested, found and reserved by Dr Tibrewala), where I was staying after the treatment, was located in the centre of Mumbai’s tourist area and I couldn’t wish for better location.
Dr. Tibrewala, as a person was a marvellous host. He treated me throughout my stay as if I were his personal guest. I also hope that I have struck a friendship with Dr. Tibrewala and his beautiful wife (my anaesthesiologist).

Mr. James Gerrard, London
I looked to India for my treatment as I know Doctors in the UK who attested to the standards to which your company complies. This, plus the cost saving was my reason for going along with Euromedical tours, whom I found in Metro news. They were very attentive to all my questions and needs. Being a busy professional I was very much in need of someone making my arrangements and I was very happy with all the arrangements and the people who looked after me. I was made to feel at ease and no request was too trivial. I was given a consultation by my surgeon in London during one of his frequent visits here. He was very good; the limitations of any benefits were made clear as well as explaining different options.. I am happy with the outcome, It is what I expected. It is a hard thing to really put across to people but it I think it is important to stress that you will look a great deal worse for a few weeks before you start to look better, this was explained to me at my consultation before I made the decision to go ahead. The hospital staff very very caring; there is always someone you can contact, which makes you feel better. Kerala as a destination was very good and the hotels were very nice. I wish I could have seen more, however my condition wouldn’t allow it, but I would go back to holiday there. The only issue is the long flight J Yes, Euromedical Tours met my expectations and more by giving me very good value for money.

Mr. D. Clark, London
I chose to have treatment abroad to have a new experience and a holiday at the same time. Euromedical tours were able to do the operation in Pakistan and that was a place I also wished to visit so I was in essence killing two birds with one stone.
I found the surgeon to be very knowledgeable in both his pre-op consultation, post-op consultation and the fact he done a very professional job. He also expressed very concisely what the expectations would be. I am 100% happy with the facial work.
The hospital went out of their way to make my stay as comfortable as possible. The hospital was clean and the nursing care was very professional. My dietary requirements were met and the hospital staff were a joy who put the welfare of the patient top of their priorities.
As I have previously been on the Indian subcontinent the destination was as I expected. To most UK visitors it would be a slight culture shock but one that they would quickly and easily adapt to.
I would more than happily recommend the surgery to anyone.

Mr. James Taylor, London
The package took care of everything, the treatment was fine and I feel great, with the weight off my chest, literally!

A Aspden, Glasgow
Amazing experience, one of the best in my life. That is the only possible way I could describe my trip to Lahore Pakistan. Im a 22 year old man from Glasgow who recently, after years of contemplating, decided to take the plunge and have plastic surgery. I had been unhappy with my broken nose and double chin so I looked into plastic surgery abroad; as the price is much lower than here in the UK. Shortly after getting into contact with Euromedical Tours I had my telephone consultation with the doctor. That went very well and I also found out that Dr Tarar is actually on the medical registry in Britain, so my mind was decided. Euromedical then took care of everything and I was set for my trip. Pakistan was beautiful. I arrived at sunrise as the sky was getting light. I vividly remember leaving the Lahore Airport Building, tasting the humidity in the air and feeling the heat, the most perfect temperature I had ever felt. The scene that struck me was breath taking: palm trees dotted across fields, roads Criss-crossing the flat open space near the airport with irrigation canals next to them and of course the people, the airport bustling so early in the morning. Pakistan is truly exotic.
I was met at the airport and taken to the hotel. Again everything taken care of. I settled in and later that evening met Dr Moazzam Tarar and Dr Maryam Tarar for the pre-surgery tests and face to face consultation. They were so friendly, instantly I was put at ease, both wonderful people. After the tests we went for a lovely meal, as you would on holiday, and I got to absorb more Pakistani culture. The next day I went for the operation, the hospital was very nice, gorgeous marble floors. The operation was a complete success and I spent the next few days recovering in the hospital, flicking through the 80 or so TV channels most the time. The care and facility's in the hospital were great and food wise they got me anything I wanted, which was more often than not McDonald's. I honestly had felt no pain at all but did feel slightly bunged up for about 4 days because of the nose job, which I had expected and it was really only uncomfortable, well worth it for the results. Back at the hotel I relaxed, enjoyed the room service and watched yet more TV, with even more channels. Dr Tarar kept in constant contact with me so at no point did I feel alone in a foreign country.
I think in was about 5 days after the operation when I started the venture further from the hotel. With my bandage on I took a long walk around the city. Lahore is really a sight to behold. It was so vibrant and lively, with the most fabulous architecture and greenery. I walked around one of the old perfectly manicured parks. So relaxing and formal which was a stark contrast to the roads of Lahore: whole families on motor bikes, cars and taxis weaving in and out of each other, so exciting and personally one of my favourite sights of my holiday. Out of the park I headed into the city, street vendors, monkeys with red hats riding goats painted with purple spots, shops with neon lights, fountains and so many people. It was amazing, the slights, the smells, the noise absolutely amazing. When I got back to the hotel my t-shirt was drenched in sweat, I turned the air conditioning on to full sat down and smiled. So great.
Though the trip and the experience was excellent, the reason I went was to have plastic surgery so the real test is the results. My nose, which I had been unhappy with for years, is now perfect. In my view Dr Tarar is an artist, what he did to my nose and chin was brilliant. I literally could not be more happy with the result. Euromedical Tours fulfilled my dreams and did it in such away that has surpassed my expectations. I have found them understanding of my needs and so very helpful.
Zahid, Dr Moazzam and Dr Maryam were all so, so helpful and I really cannot thank them enough.
I would recommend the trip, the Doctor and Euromedical Tours to anyone. If you are trying to decide, whether to do it or not, "go for it" would be my advice. I will be pleased to answer any questions from anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery. ThanksAdd Content...

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